Water-soluble ecodoses


Ready-to-use agricultural and gardening products in practical water-soluble pods.

Ecodoses production opens up the possibility to create customised sizes and solutions, aimed mainly at domestic use but not limited to.
Ecodoses are pre-weighed and automatically enclosed with a particular film that dissolves in a few moments in contact with water, making them practical and convenient to use.
After several tests, it has been found that in order to preserve the characteristics of the water-soluble film unaltered, ecodoses shall not be kept in direct contact with sunlight and shall be stored at temperatures between 20 and 25 ° C.



Why choose a water-soluble ecodose?EcoLiqWeb

Less plastic. Ecodose means a reduction in the use of plastic or aluminum packages and, subsequently, a reduction of waste.
Less waste and greater convenience. Ecodose means optimising the dosages by using the right amount of product without the risk of overdosing or disposing of the excess product.
Less pollution and healthier environment for everyone. Ecodose is the effective answer to this important ecological concept as the film used is non-toxic and non-irritating, it dissolves in a few moments in contact with water. It leaves no residue and does not alter the characteristics of the product.